I will not lie but, this problem of skipping breakfast has been with me for a long time and even after realizing the problem I didn’t cure it until recently. Why I did is not the thing I will tell you here but, I will tell you that, how you can prevent yourself from going to that position if you haven’t gone there by now. This is a must read, especially for the young people of this generation because of their troubling day to day activities.


In beauty tips for face if you prefer to eat, eggs or dairy products as lots of people do in breakfast then it will have a remarkable effect on your skin. Eggs for that matter are filled with vitamin D and A known for maintaining healthy skin. Eggs are easy to make too if you are busy enough to not make the full meal.


When you are waking up, then there are some essential nutrients which you need. Milk and dairy products can make up for those nutrients in a useful and cheap way. Grains are also helpful and eating them in the morning can make up half of your daily needs of that. This procedure can fill up your body with 9 nutrients which are very important and always recommended for your body. These are some of the health and beauty tips.

So from the above points we can understand why we should focus on the breakfast before it’s too late. Eating them sometimes can be toughening when you are lazy enough to make your meal but even a small meal is better than nothing at all. Even a boiled egg can make up some of the need of your body and in this era you have options of already cooked food bought from the market which can solve your cooking problem in the morning from the scratch but, making your own food is better than buying it

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