A healthy life is a better life. Sadly to say but numerous people from us don’t even care a bit for it. Even after knowing it, that health can be ruined in a second we don`t really care much about it. Hundreds of blogs, article, news, brochures are made every day in this regard. Still, we don’t really care. I am sick and tired of this laziness. I know how I ruined my life due to being lazy so I will tell you or try again to guide you people to what a healthy body means and what health plan you should follow to have a weight loss. This will be a diet plan for weight loss but not being far away from a healthy diet too.


I know that many of your will be hating to hear that but, it is true. Eating meat especially in excess is a prime recipe to ruin the body. Not only is it filled with high toxins but also it is heavy on the heart and body. I am or was meat addict. I was like that, even if I need to live only on meat I will. Then, gradually my health decimated. Then I knew that mistake was in what depart. And now I am the heart and health.


This seems, very obvious that things which grow on plants are very healthy for the body. You can eat as many veggies you want but it is better to eat veggies which are green, they are filled with nutrients which are prime for weight loss and a healthy diet.


Nuts are high in oily ingredients or minerals which I am not going into detail. I just will tell you that, these are good for you and I mean it. I have experienced it in my life. Eating is like just for taste is ideal for daily use. Not use it, like it is food alternative but an addition to a diet plan.


Fruits are my prime love and if you make it a part of your plan then, believe me, it is a tasty food intake with great diet recipe. Eat oranges, bananas, apples, mangoes and so on. Personally, I eat sour fruits, they give me chills.


Foods are made in oil which is healthy is part of your diet. I mean, if you are making or frying a food then why you don’t use oil which is healthy and less harmful. Olive oil, oils with omega 3 is the prime example of that. In fact, if you will make your food in these type of oils then not only it will make your food tastier but also you will feel like not going to old oil which is fattening and a recipe for your heart problems.

So here I am trying to guide you people towards a good diet plan which is really simple but not less tasty. I hope you will not go to extremes and will do as I said.